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KN AAP Staff Applications!

Go and apply here; CLICK ME
Any questions go to; KN Kim 7! 

Xiled Pro-Bowl

The Xiled Events Department is hosting their first Annual Tournament!
Beginning November 3rd this year!
Go here to find out more! CLICK
Any questions go to: XGN Ish 7!

NEW XS Jersey! (feat: XGN, TXO, KN)


Good morning everyone! 

    Today we're opening reserves for the NEW Xiled Syndicate Jersey and other items from the XS line. This Jersey represents XGN, TXO and KN on the back, with the option of adding YOUR name or gamertag above the logos. Take a look of **all** the products released and avaliable for pre-order at shop.xiled.gg

**Special Offer:** Purchase a XS Jersey and receive a XS T-Shirt completely free! ($20 Value)

- Much love to all the members and supporters of Xiled Syndicate that have supported our movement by purchasing from our shop. Every penny helps support what we're trying to accomplish here so it is appreciated. Plus seeing yall represent your gaming organization is awesome.