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KN AAP Staff Applications!

Go and apply here; CLICK ME
Any questions go to; KN Kim 7! 

Xiled Pro-Bowl

The Xiled Events Department is hosting their first Annual Tournament!
Beginning November 3rd this year!
Go here to find out more! CLICK
Any questions go to: XGN Ish 7!

Xiled Elite : Thank You For Supporting XS!


Hello, I want to take a moment to say thank you to all the members of Xiled Syndicate that has supported our movement by subscribing to our V.I.P Program. By continuing to subscribe you are assisting XGN, TXO and KN fund innovations, competitions, advertising and resources that are needed to make all this possible. 

Words truly can NOT begin to explain how much every penny of profit we clear helps. Between server costs, advertising costs, plugins and legal costs it all matters.

Thanks to your subscriptions and donations we have been able to partner with a 24/7 Sever Administration company that supplies support and site security around the clock everyday. This will be vital in ensuring our survival.

We plan to continue to evolve our VIP program to give members new features and abilities so stay subscribed for all that is to come! 

With that being said, the code XiledMovement has been re-activated and ALL members of XGN, TXO and KN can subscribe to the VIP program for less!

Again, thank you!

- XS Leadership